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Manufacturers Of :-

Other Products :-

  • Industrial Battery Chargers
  • Customized DC Power Supplies
  • C.V.T.

About Us :-

Since, 1989, Emmanuel is one of leading manufacturers of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), Servo Voltage Stabilizers, Battery Chargers, Inverters, Frequency Converters and Ultra Isolation Transformers.

Our products meet the challenge of providing pure, dependable electric power to industry, government, the public and private sector, from the clean environment of data center to the harsh conditions of an offshore oil platform.

Loss of data can mean losing millions of rupees every minute. In this critical industry, the need for stable power is paramount. The loss of single data record can mean the permanent loss of business.

Emmanuel products give peace of mind... the peace of mind that comes from knowing your equipment is safe the consequences of unpredictable power. By designing the world-class standard in power equipment, Emmanuel products have became a leader in customer - designed UPS, Frequency Converters and Sine wave Inverters, battery chargers & other customized power conditioning equipment.

Reliability, Responsiveness, and Respect... the 3 R's of doing business with Emmanuel Electronics which carries "Perfection Through Technology" as our hallmark!. Our employees collectively bring many years of experience in the power protection field, to assist you in solving problems and providing power quality solution for you. Our design and engineering ability allows us to offer solution for small quantities or unique option that other manufacturers would might refuse.

Our products are widely applied in home, offices, from small industries to large heavy industries, Government, public and private sectors. Equipped with Emmanuel Electronics, Power management is no longer the nightmare.


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